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Closet Clean Out

Closet Clean Out

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Have you been needing to purge your closet(s) and the task is just too daunting? Let one of our professional closet clean out specialists come out and help you achieve your goals of getting your closets organized.


1. Our professional closet organizer will review your entire wardrobe and label each item as either keep, consign or donate.

2. We help you decide on what items to keep: these should be items that you are wearing or plan to wear within the next 3-5 months or next season.

3. If you are looking to consign, we first look for items with tags still attached and that have been in your closet for more than one year but are still trendy and fashionable. Our clients are always looking for new with tags (NWT) items.

4. If things are too large or too small let them go! Don’t hold on to things that you are hoping to wear one day. Chances are you will want a fresh new wardrobe after meeting your weight goals or have just have outgrown. Remember, selling and making some cash can help you purchase that brand new wardrobe.

5. Look for things that don’t match with other items. They will probably sit in your closet forever.

6. Finally, let's get rid of old sentimental items like one time dresses made purchased only for a one time event, Unless you are renewing your vows in that same wedding dress, let it go. And if you are happily divorced, girl, let it go!

What our fees cover:

  • Travel
  • Sorting
  • Packing up items to be consigned and/or donated
  • Dropping items at donation location

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